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Webinar | H2020 MOBISTYLE - Showcase of the final results

In this BUILD-UP webinars we presented the final results of  MOBISTYLE. There were two sessions: 

Programme on 22 June: An overview of interdisciplinary MOBISTYLE methodological approach spanning from anthropological, data-KPI developments and dynamic environment profiles.

Programme on 23 June: Insights into the developed MOBISTYLE ICT tools: Dashboard, Game, Office app and Expert tool. 

You can still watch the recordings: 

Webinar | How to operate and use building services during the COVID-19 crisis

This webinar (April 2020) explored with top experts key notions about indoor environments (Indoor Environmental Quality, IEQ), how building services can help prevention and mitigation today and furthermore enable and facilitate the lockdown reversal, and how to best let go of our old habits and create new long-lasting ones good especially during times of crisis and moreover always for maximising health, wellbeing, productivity etc.
Watch the webinar on Youtube

Webinar | MOBISTYLE office app pitch

MOBISTYLE held a webinar to pitch the office app used in the Netherlands in February 2020. You can still see the webinar on YouTube

Webinar | 5 European projects with its innovative ICT solutions for energy savings in the spotlight

MOBISTYLE was part of a webinar with the coordinators of European Research Projects that are aiming to achieve a behavior change for energy saving through innovative IT solutions on January 27th 2020. You can still see the webinar on YouTube

Webinar | Building Operation and User Experience key to Enhanced     Building Performance

The EU BUILD UP webinar on Building Operation and User Experience key to Enhanced Building Performance was held on May 20th 2019 from 12.00 - 13.30. Great news: You can still see the webinar via YouTube

Webinar | Leonardo Energy webinar with MOBISTYLE

We were part of the Leonarde Energy webinar on February 28th  2019 at 15:00. Grounded in MOBISTYLE ideas, visions, and approach, this webinar brainstormed on current and future challenges in the area of Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) encouraging behavioural change. Also, it presented actionable new ideas that could help improve H2020 projects' progress and maximize the European replication impacts. Want to check out this webinar? The recording is still available! 

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