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Most of today's buildings are equipped with sophisticated building automation systems and sensors measuring large amounts of different building performance data types (mostly related to building's energy performance or thermal comfort). This data is commonly used for energy management of large commercial buildings. However, this data is often not available or understandable to the building users, especially residents. Experience shows that promoting the importance of a building's energy efficiency as such is not an attractive driving factor for changing everyday habits and lifestyle of the building users. However, changing the user's behaviour towards more energy efficient building usage could contribute towards achieving one of the main targets of European Union: reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy wastage. Combining information on energy use with other relevant information such as the indoor environmental quality, personal health and eventually combined with other attractive life style information can be used to catch the interest of consumers and even more importantly change their behaviour and maintain their new habits and interest in the long term. 

There are several cost-effective products currently available on the market that can measure extensive building performance data and translate this type of data into information relevant for the costumers. However, the challenge remains on how to utilize all the possible benefits of the measured data and at the same time avoid too much cognitive load. Currently, the large amount of data and absence of occupant's interest in the building performance knowledge leads to poor usability of the developed building services. The question arises, how to make sure (or increase the probability) the end-users actually start using the developed tools and change their behaviour towards a better tomorrow. In order to solve these issues and address the main challenges exposed, the MOBISTYLE project was developed:   

The overall aim of MOBISTYLE is to raise consumer awareness and motivate behavioral change by providing attractive personalized combined knowledge services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle, by ICT-based solutions. Providing more understandable information on energy, health and lifestyle will motivate end-users to change their behavior towards optimized energy use and provide confidence in choosing the right thing. It will offer consumers more and lasting incentives than only information on energy use.


Peter Op 't Veld
Huygen Installatie Adviseurs B.V.
Urmonderbaan 22 (Gate 2), Gebouw 220 6167 RD Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands
T: +3188 0322222
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723032.