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  • The objectives are:
  • To make energy use and energy efficiency understandable and easy to handle in an attractive way by unlocking and translating large data sets using data science from energy monitoring for consumers.
  • To transform ‘big data’ into ‘smart data’, i.e. giving meaning to data, making data understandable and findable.
  • To develop easy to use, desirable ICT-based tools which will make energy monitoring a well-accepted and attractive ‘daily activity’ (routine) for end-users as well as for professionals (building managers).
  • To provide understandable information to consumers on health and life style in relation to energy use by combining energy monitoring with monitoring indoor environmental and behavior parameters.
  • To combine body monitoring by several low-cost, non-intrusive devices with the energy monitoring devices.
  • To offer the end-user transparency on energy use/efficiency, indoor environment, health and lifestyle.
  • To motivate behavioral change of consumers/energy end-users by combined modular information on energy use, health and lifestyle. To transform this information into knowledge for raising awareness on energy use and behavior, thus motivating and supporting to come to a behavioral consciousness and change of lifestyle concerning energy and health.
  • To foster new business models and applications.
  • To deploy and validate the developed solutions and services in different building types and user types, demonstrating a significant reduction of final energy use, prompted by these solutions.
Peter Op 't Veld
Huygen Installatie Adviseurs B.V.
Urmonderbaan 22 (Gate 2), Gebouw 220 6167 RD Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands
T: +3188 0322222
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723032.