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Prof. Klementina Zupan tells about her MOBISTYLE experience and using the dashboard. Take a look at this amazing video about MOBISTYLE in Slovenia 


 The dasboard

The MOBISTYLE dashboard is a tool that allows different kind of users to receive information about the buildings they interact with, through specific authentication. The buildings connected to MOBISTYLE are sensorized as groups of sensors had been installed according to the parameters that the experts suggested to monitor and analyse.

Each entity, - being an “entity” a room, a building, an apartment, an appliance, a person, - becomes a “sensorized entity” in MOBISTYLE. They are related to the demo cases (for now Slovenia and Italy and in the future for new customers), where building users have a possibility to decide which information can be shown to them and how: Energy usage, indoor environmental quality, health related parameters, appliances usage, etc. Information can be given through simple data monitoring, historical trend analysis, specific widgets or ad hoc suggestions.

The dashboard is available in two versions, one for desktop access from a computer and one as a mobile phone APP. The presented information, the structure and the widgets, are the same for both. Nevertheless, it proved that the possibility for users to use different devices improves their experience.

There is a mobile version of the dashboard for the users. This allows them to always know what happens in their building. And with that, we can send them notifications when necessary.

Recap of the dashboard: 
  • The dashboard is a tool that allows different user types to visualise data (energy usage, IEQ, health, appliances, etc.) and derive information about the buildings they interact with. 
  • Different actors interacts with the dashboard according to their role. 
  • Information can be given through simple data monitoring, historical trend analysis, specific widgets, ad hoc suggestions. 

The purpose of the dashboard is: 

  • Raise awareness on energy consumption; 
  • Motivate change in the behavior; 
  • Stimulate reduction of energy usage and IEQ improvement; • Provide intuitive and customised presentation of data and KPIs.


For the MOBISTYLE dashboard, there are MOBISTYLE users and Building users. MOBISTYLE users are people who are connected to the solution. They are able to download the MOBISTYLE tools. Buildings users are owners and employees of rooms/apartments/buildings that are connected to the MOBISTYLE solution. They are able to manage what is shown to users. 

There are also administrators → SuperUsers, ICT experts who are able to create new users, new buildings, manage licences, accesses, permissions, create entity types per each kind of building, etc. 

The building manager is a user with management permissions. They are able to take decisions on their buildings: 

  • Create single sensorized entities starting from created sensorized entity types; 
  • Create and modify specific dashboards (i.e. one for the moderator and one for the users); 
  • Allocate MOBISTYLE users to the sensorized entities (rooms/apartments/buildings) and relative dashboards; 
  • Create new suggestion types for each sensorized entity type; 
  • Allow and remove access permissions of users to rooms/apartments/buildings information. 

Users can access MOBISTYLE users dashboard and visualize all the sensorized entities data they are connected to.

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