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Motivating end-users behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle.

WP 5 Demonstration and validation




The practical usability of the developed products (tools and apps) and services will be demonstrated on study cases in real life operating conditions in five different geo-clusters (five demonstration cases).


The results and analyses of the demonstrators will be used as feedback for previous work packages to adjust and fine-tune the methodologies, tools, services and supporting business models.


The demonstration cases will include the real life conditions as follows:

Case 1: Kildenparken, 1050 deeply renovated social housing apartments, Aalborg, Denmark

Case 2: University of Ljubljana, buildings of four faculties,  Slovenia

Case 3: Nearly Zero Energy Hotels: Hotel Residence L'Orologio, Turin, Italy

Case 4: Health care centre Mosae Vita, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Case 5: Smart City Wroclaw, Poland​

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