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Motivating end-users behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle.

Case 2: Four faculty buildings of University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Demonstration case of University of Ljubljana (UL) consist of 4 faculty buildings located in Ljubljana:

The last two (FRI + FKKT) are one complex of buildings with common energy services. EF and FF undertook deep energy retrofit in 2014, the complex of FRI+FKKT was newly built in 2014.

[1] Promo video of faculty showing also the buildings


The vision of the University of Ljubljana in the frame of MOBISTYLE project is to implement full monitoring and continuous awareness campaigns on four large faculty buildings.

With the implementation of ICT support for energy monitoring and ICT tools for systematic influence on user behaviour (awareness building and push approach), savings up to 16% are anticipated and users satisfaction is increased.

For occupants/users:

  • Interactive and attractive (game-wise) information exchange to occupants and attractive visualisation of savings, state of IEQ and personal health; relation between energy saving and IEQ.
  • Augmented reality for a 'see the energy' approach, in combination with a positive competition using gamification and serious gaming creating a solution that will encourage people 'to be better' in comparison to other users (mutual-control) and in relation to the previous achievements (self-control For facility managers, building owners: Information of energy performance and diagnostics for predictive maintenance or replacements.

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