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Case 1: Residential building complex Kildeparken, Aalborg, Denmark

Kildeparken is constructed from 1968-1972 and is divided in three areas:

  • Blåkildevej: 84 houses and 260 apartments. 6x Block type A, 11x Block type B and 4x Block type C
  • Ravnkildevej: 71 houses and 174 apartments. 6x Block type A, 7x Block type B and 2x Block type C
  • Fyrkildevej: 464 apartments. 21x Block type A, 8x Block type B and 6x Block type C

Kildeparken is undergoing renovation to NZEB standard (75% reduction in heating use expected) during a 4-5 year period from 2016 – 2020. Renovation is almost completed in Blåkildevej, on-going in Ravnkildevej and will be initiated in Fyrkildevej in 2018.


The specific objective of the MOBISTYLE project is to develop services with tailor-made information to increase awareness on energy use and indoor environmental quality among residents and to provide learning/guidance to create behavioral change towards significant reduction of energy use.

A smaller number of residents (5 persons) will participate in questionnaires, interviews and focus group workshops to qualify the development of services and tools. Demonstration will be carried out in approximately 50 apartments.

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Huygen Installatie Adviseurs B.V.
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T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723032.