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​Case 3: Hotel L’Orologio, Turin, italy


The Residence L’Orologio is an urban hotel located in a central area of Turin, in Piedmont Region.

This apartment building built at the beginning of 20th century was refurbished and converted into a hotel about 10 years ago; the renovation process was started in 2003 by Talaia family, current owners and managers of the Residence. . Residence L’Orologio offers 20 guestrooms, each of them fully supplied with appliances such as fridge, dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, electric stove, washing machine and TV. The extra facilities offered by the Residence are a small gym, a kitchen for the staff and a children playroom, all located at the half-basement floor.



The specific objective of the MOBISTYLE project is to develop services with tailor-made information to increase awareness on energy use and indoor environmental quality among hotel different users and to provide learning/guidance to create behavioral change towards significant reduction of energy use.

A smaller number of hotel users (5-7 persons) will participate in questionnaires, interviews and focus group workshops to qualify the development of services and tools.

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