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​TAURON Polska Energua | TAU | Poland


The TAURON Group is one of the leading players in the polish energy sector with over 25 thousand employees, spans the full extent of the energy market controlling the value chain from end to end, starting from access to hard coal resources, through electricity and heat generation, to energy supply and sales to end users. The Group's vertical integration has generation asset fleet and distribution grid ensures stable revenues and margins. The TAURON Group's core business are distribution and sales of electric energy, generation of electricity and heat, hard coal mining and providing the other energy-related services.

Main role in MOBISTYLE

TAURON Polska Energia as a mother company of TAURON Group represents European utility company in role of industrial partner providing one of use cases in demonstration stage (residents of households within initiative called “Smart City Wrocław” based on smart meters and smart home devices) and offering business context at energy mass market realized from point of view of energy supplier (DSO) and retailer.

​Key persons involved

Damian Różycki (male, 1986), previous jobs as Project Manager and Grid Maintenance Expert requires interdisciplinary knowledge in field of business organization management and maintenance of distributed technical infrastructure, resulting in making strategic and operational decisions and management teams of employees. Current work in R&D area in TAURON Polska Energia concerns preparation and execution various national and international projects within broadly understood collaboration of distribution and sales/trading of energy, RES, energy-related services and synergy effects between them. Now, he manages 2 projects in
Horizon 2020 (ICP4Life, MOBISTYLE). He has taken part in many implementations of technological and organizational solutions within two DSOs (Vattenfall Distribution Poland, TAURON Dystrybucja): implementation analytical tool for management of capital and operational costs (Asset Strategy Planning); regulation of maintenance of electrical asset in automotive industry; outsourcing of service (LV grid maintenance, MV grid stretches); developing market of suppliers in narrow branch and wide technical assistance in the largest system of asset management (GIS class) in polish DSOs. As a Project Manager has achieved success within ultimate innovation on national scale, IT solution for technical asset assessment (flight inspection system for HV and MV overhead lines worth in total 15 million PLN) which was implemented in 11 distribution branches. Tasks with a high level of complexity were carried out in roles of Project Manager, chairman of the tender or supervisor based on knowledge of projects management methodology by PMI and PRINCE2. He has an experience in corporate purchases (worth even several million PLN) in terms of contract ranges, choice of supplier for public, unlimited and limited tenders, including auditing suppliers and producers and inspire new products and services. Wide cooperation with  European and national scientific institutions and public administration is an important advantage.

​Marek Syrnik (male, 1985), expert on new technologies in TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A (company owning few power plants) in 2012-2014, nowadays Expert of R&D in TAURON Polska Energia, experience as R&D staff member in projects: the carbon capture and storage, Hg removal, oxyfuel, project of reusing CO2, the coal gasification, biofuel and related process optimization. Some of these projects have grant-aid from European funds e.g. ICP4Life, MOBISTYE, KIC Innoenergy.

​Krzysztof Lampert (male, 1979), 8 years' experience as a Leading Specialist of Strategic Planning in TAURON Polska Energia, experience as executive of R&D, in projects which have got subsidy from NCBiR, regarding to gasification of coal, high temperature reactors, low-emission power plants. He has been also involved in KIC InnoEnergy/CC Poland Plus project and Superciritical power plants (subsided by Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

Magdalena Uliniarz (female, 1980), leading Expert in TAURON Polska Energia, 12 years of experience in Energoprojekt- Katowice S.A as: executive of project, technology adviser, expert of developing and investment projects. Responsible for: creating a budget and schedule of many projects, recruiting a subcontractors, devising a purchases of specification, developing and implementation new products, negotiating with contractors and consortium members, cooperation with client law department during preparation the investment.

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T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723032.